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The Doxford Family

The Doxford family has been one of the most succesful engine and ship building companys in Sunderland and through out the United Kingdom. The Doxford family established themselves as a succesful ship building family and maintained their status as one of the most renowned and ambitious companies in that business for 140 years.

Below you will find a list of three seperate pages containing further information regarding the Doxford family, this information goes as far back to the Battle of Hasting in 1066 where Sire De Gaugi fought in battle alongside William the Conqueror.

Family Origins - This page contains the origins of the Doxford family since William the Conqueror in 1066 and promanent dates up until the closure of the works.

Family Ancestry - This page contains a detailed list of family members since 1066 to the current date. The list contains information regarding members of the Doxford family such as the years they were born and died, whether or not they married and any major achievements or key areas of the Doxford history.

Family Tree - This page contains the history of the Doxford family from 1715 until the beginning of the Doxford shipbuilding era.

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